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Download it here!
Introduction and Help, updated 17th April, 2015.

Introduction to Microsoft Silverlight Plugin

Camstreams now uses a custom developed Microsoft Silverlight player to play our streams. This means the Silverlight plugin is required to be installed on PCs and Macs trying to access a stream on our site. We released this to replace the old Windows Media Player plugin which had stopped working in some browsers due to the plugin being a very old technology which is no longer widely supported. The use of Silverlight also means we can create a consistent experience for streams across desktop platforms. It works in virtually all browsers across both Windows and Mac.


    PC (Windows)
  • Click the link above and allow Silverlight.exe or Silverlight_64.exe to download.
  • Locate the downloaded file and run it (your browser may already prompt you to do this)
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install. It may stick at 99% for a few seconds, this is usual.
  • If prompted to do so, restart your browser or computer. If not, simply browse to a stream page and watch!

    Mac (OSX)
  • Use a web browser other than Google Chrome (Safari or Firefox for example) as Chrome no longer supports Silverlight on the Mac.
  • Click the link above which will take you to a page to download Silverlight.
  • Click the 'Click to Install' button. Silverlight.dmg should download.
  • When the download completes, open Silverlight.dmg, this will create a Silverlight drive in Finder
  • Click Finder and locate the 'Silverlight.pkg' in the Silverlight drive (the window may already be open)
  • Run the 'Silverlight.pkg' to install Silverlight and follow the prompts to complete it.
  • Go to a stream page and it should work!

    Other Platforms
  • Check the tabs above for other platforms. Silverlight plugin only runs on Windows and Mac OS.


    PC (Windows)
  • Go to Control Panel and select 'Programs and Features' or 'Add/Remove Programs'.
  • Locate Microsoft Silverlight in the list and click 'Uninstall'
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the uninstallation.

    Mac (OSX)
  • Open Finder and select 'Go > Go to Folder' from the top menu bar
  • In the 'Go to the folder:' dialogue box, enter '/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/' and press Go.
  • Locate the file 'silverlight.plugin' and drag it to your Trash.

Troubleshooting Silverlight Player

    Still/Frozen Picture

    If the picture seems 'stuck' and you only ever see the first frame of video, the problem is likely with the broadcaster's encoder.

    If you are the broadcaster, make sure:

  • You have uninstalled version 3.0 and are using version 3.5 of our encoder (info here). If you didn't uninstall the old version first, this can leave behind old (problematic) compression profiles.
  • Select a compression profile in Options > Compression before broadcasting which is marked 'Default' and not 'Camstreams Default'.
  • If the problem continues in version 3.5 with a 'Default' compression profile, make sure the audio tick box is unselected in the Options > Devices tab before broadcasting - there will have been no audio broadcasted in this situation either way.
  • Make sure there is moving video in your encoder preview when you are broadcasting.

    Unfortunately this stream-specific issue will not resolve until the broadcaster has resolved it as above.

    The Silverlight player doesn't install properly / downloads a .zip file all the time

  • If you're using software like Internet Download Manager, make sure it is up to date - old versions interfere with Silverlight's local caching process.
  • Try completely uninstalling/reinstalling the Silverlight Plugin, as above
  • Make sure Javascript is enabled in your browser
  • Try a different web browser like Chrome or Firefox.
  • If you're not using a PC or Mac but you keep being prompted to install Silverlight, look in your browser settings and switch off 'Browse as Desktop' - you may be using an Android device which is mimicking a PC/Mac.
  • If you are using Windows 8, use Desktop mode to browse the streams. The Silverlight plugin is not supported in Metro mode. We plan to eventually have our own Windows 8 app.

    Jerky video where it never used to be

    Silverlight tries to use hardware acceleration where possible. In some rare instances, this can cause jerky video playback.

  • Try right-clicking the silverlight plugin and going to the 'Playback' tab. Disable hardware acceleration in there and try again
  • Reboot your computer before and/or after performing the above and try again
  • Viewing over a remote desktop connection can cause excess jerkyness because hardware acceleration cannot work. Try viewing on a local computer.
  • Some streams aren't as fluid as others. If this only occurs on some streams and not others, it could be symptomatic of the broadcaster's setup/local resource use.
  • If this starts happening after browsing some streams, quit your browser competely and restart it.

    Buffering Video

    Silverlight requires less buffering time than the old Windows Media Player. This can mean faster start times for some streams, but it's possible if there are network congestion issues between the broadcaster and us (or us and you) that the stream will buffer excessively.

  • If the picture stops completely, press the 'Stop' button then the 'Play' button to try and watch again.
  • If buffering continues, check that you are having this problem with one stream or many streams before getting in touch with us.
  • If your computer is busy doing lots of things, it can tie up its CPU, causing Silverlight to struggle to decode the stream in good time, making whatever you're watching buffer. Try viewing a stream from a clean reboot (or a different computer if you have access to one) to check that something else isn't interfering with your viewing.
  • Your connection may not be able to handle the bandwidth of one of the streams, try looking at a lower quality one and see if that has the same problem.
  • If you're viewing wirelessly and are able to plug your computer directly into your router, do that to see if the problem is because of poor wifi connectivity.
  • If a stream is stuck on "Buffering 0%" for more than 15 seconds, the broadcaster's encoder has malfunctioned/their connection has gone down - they will need to solve the issue before the stream will work.
  • When there is a prolonged period of network issues that is between Camstreams and the wider internet, we will tweet about it. Check that in case we're already aware of any issues.