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Introduction and Help, updated 30th June 2014.

Camstreams and iOS - Introduction

After several years of development on our own app, we finally have thrown in the towel. We got *so close* but unfortunately money and time ran out to be able to roll out a branded experience, all the while free apps were getting better at playing our streams.

So, after years of waiting, we have updated our end so your viewers will see instructions to download VLC for iOS and play the streams that way.

Bear in mind when streaming video over a mobile data connection, you may be charged if you exceed data limits (if any) you have on your mobile phone subscription. Video generally eats up data, so be careful.

Troubleshooting iOS with VLC

    Playback Problems

  • If when you try to start a stream and you're using VLC it completely bails out, this is a broadcaster encoding issue that they ideally need to fix (info below for them).
  • If you are browsing to our streams but not on (i.e. the stream is embedded on the broadcaster's website) and don't see the playback instructions, the broadcaster needs to update their embedding code (they can find it in the User Area). In the meantime, browsing streams on itself should present you with the playback instructions.
  • If a stream won't start at all, it may be offline. Try on a desktop device and see for sure. If there is a truely problematic stream which only doesn't work on mobile devices, it is likely to be a problem at the broadcaster's end (see below).

    Stream Quality Problems

    A stream bailing out/freezing/basically constantly malfunctioning can be an encoding problem with the broadcaster's software. If you are the broadcaster, make sure:

  • You have uninstalled version 3.0 and are using version 3.5 of our encoder (info here)
  • Try a different compression profile in Options > Compression before broadcasting. The old profiles may remain if you did not uninstall version 3.0 before installing version 3.5. You should select any that simply say 'Default' and not 'Camstreams Default'.
  • If this problem continues in version 3.5 with the newer compression profile, make sure the audio tick box is unselected in the Options > Devices tab before broadcasting. If you require audio, try experimenting without it to see if that is the cause.
  • Make sure the video seems good from the preview window of the encoder when you are broadcasting
  • If all else fails, try using the Microsoft encoder, which can be downloaded from the 'Advanced' section of this page.
  • If using the Microsoft Encoder, avoid codecs like 'WMA Professional' and 'Windows Media Video V8' as these require extra CPU time on the device. (Use WMV Version 9 and standard WMA codecs).