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"Am I imagining it, or is there a delay on the stream?"

You're not imagining it. Windows Media buffers streaming data at several points before it makes it across the internet and into your player. Even then it buffers a little more to take care of any glitches your internet connection might subject it to. To that end, the delay can sometimes appear to be upwards of 1 minute. In fact, in most cases, what you are seeing is around 30-45 seconds ago.

You will especially notice the delay if participating in a chat with the broadcaster, in the situation where they're talking back to you rather than typing, so be patient - they're probably about to read your message!

Unfortunately there is no way to rectify this while using the Windows Media platform, without completely re-writing complex streaming client/server software and signing license agreements with Microsoft - and for that matter, having the capability to produce such a thing... it's no mean feat! So we're stuck with it - but never mind, embrace it and enjoy it as a quirk of the service!