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(Updated August 2007)

Section 1(b), point (vi) of our Terms of Service states:
"Each User and Broadcaster agrees that it will not use the Website for the transmission of material such that this infringes the copyright or other intellectual property rights of another person."

This means that if you use your stream to broadcast copyrighted music and/or video, including any that you have bought, and you do not have permission or licensing rights to broadcast that material, you are breaking our terms of service and almost certainly breaking the law.

Some examples of where you will be breaking our terms and the law:

  • If you broadcast music which is not your copyright, e.g. any commercial CD from popular artists, even if you have bought it from a store. You will note on the small print of the CD/material that unlawful reproduction is not permitted.
  • If you broadcast television pictures to which you do not own the copyright, e.g. any television channel from any country with or without an audio track.
  • If you broadcast material from a DVD which you did not produce, e.g. from a bought movie.
  • If you broadcast material you have downloaded/obtained by piracy and also is not copyrighted to yourself, e.g. mp3s or movies from file sharing applications.
  • If you reproduce any text or other material within your stream title/description/homepage area and so on which infringes copyright, e.g. lyrics of songs, chapters from books and so on.

Camstreams policy on stream removal concerning copyrighted material

The main thing to understand is that Camstreams is not moderated, but we do proactively react to complaints and will not tolerate copyrighted material traversing our network. Therefore if your stream has been broadcasting something that contravenes our terms and it is brought to our attention we may remove your account without notice.

You should also understand that you are wholly responsible for your broadcasting output. If a legal summons should concern material on your stream, it will be passed on to you via every available method, including, if necessary, dealing with your ISP.

If you witness a stream breaking our terms of service, you are encouraged to follow our Notice and Take Down Procedure at, so that we can be made aware of the breach and deal with it effectively.

If your content has been removed or your account has been suspended and you dispute that your account was used for the transmission of copyrighted material in breach of our Terms of Service then you should issue a Counter -Notice in accordance with our Notice and Take-Down Procedure.

Making your position clear

If you are a valid licensee and/or playing the music (or other copyrighted material) with the copyright holder’s permission and believe that your broadcast is legal and not in breach of our terms, we would ask kindly that you place a notice on your ‘Homepage’ of your stream to clarify how you are able to stream music legally. This will help reduce the number of complaints we are receiving by helping other broadcasters know that your stream is in fact legal. If you are streaming music via a 3rd party application which itself is licensed and legal, and allows you to do so from your page, then please include a notice that you are not using Camstreams for your audio streaming and why what you are doing is legal.

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