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Viewer Support - Most frequently encountered issues - Click titles for more info
I cannot view streams (and/or chat) - what plugins do I need to install to see them?
To watch the streams/chat, you need either a PC running Windows 98+ or a Mac running MacOS8.1+, and in certain cases you need to download a plugin. Click the question to find out more.

I'm receiving a '403 Forbidden' error when going to watch a stream.
Your IP address has been banned from accessing that particular broadcast page. It is unlikely that you would come across this error innocently, but it is possible. Click the question to find out more.

I think someone is breaching the terms of use.
Please consult the code of conduct/terms of use document and then read our Notice and Take Down procedure. Details will be given on how to submit any relevant information to us. Click the title to access our Notice and Take Down procedure.
I keep getting the 'stream is offline' video even though it is listed on the Live Cams page. (Broadcasters - see the question in your section below which sounds similar)
The broadcaster you are watching has gone offline or there is a technical problem with their Encoder software. Click the question to find out more.

Am I imagining it, or is there a delay on the stream?
There is indeed a delay on the stream - how long it is depends on a number of factors but it is true that streams are staggered by at least 20 seconds. Click the question to find out more.
Viewer Support

Broadcaster Support and Tips: Guides - Click titles for more info
My stream won't connect - I'm seeing a failed test in the user area and I haven't had viewers yet.
We have written a guide to help you through this. The most common cause is that your computer is on broadband and sat behind a router/modem which is effectively blocking Camstreams from reaching your Encoder. In the guide, we try and inform you as best we can so you can find solutions armed with half a clue! Click the problem to contiunue.

I need to refer to the setup instructions and/or download config files again.
You must already be an activated broadcaster to make any use of this page. We go through the various Encoders you can use also in case one is causing you issues. Click the title.
Top tips: Configure multi-bitrate streams for modem and broadband users and more to come...
Every so often we will publish articles for Top Tips using the Encoder and/or the service. This is the first and will help you with the concept of bit rates, and reaching viewers on dial-up modems. Click the title.

I have a different question about the streaming/chat service.
Sure! If you like this kind of small texted FAQ thing we've got going on here, you'll love these! Click the title!
There are more technical FAQs in the User Area under 'FAQ/Support'
Broadcaster Support