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Camstreams as a streaming video and audio re-broadcast and chat service provider shall be referred to as the "Service" Camstreams as a website for viewing broadcasts or administering an account shall be referred to as the "Site" A user of the Service who broadcasts a video and/or audio stream and/or participates in text 'chat' through the Service shall be referred to as a "Broadcaster"

    This applies to everyone who uses the site:
  • We collect data from those which browse the Site yet do not submit personal information. This includes:
    • Your IP address as you traverse the Site, the date/time you were on the Site, your computer's Operating System and any referring URLS to help us track performance of the Site. This is achieved through normal web site logging built into the Web Server of the Site.
    • Messages sent using the Camstreams text chat facility. This also applies to Broadcasters.
    • Your IP address, unique Windows Media Player ID, date/time, Operating System and streaming service/bandwidth usage as you traverse any live broadcasts streamed from Windows Media Services located on any of the Services' servers will be logged seperately from web site logging, for the purposes of generating stats for administration and partial monthly stats for Broadcasters. Some of this data may be collected and stored on the database away from streaming servers for later retrieval.
    • If you watch a broadcast and/or partake in a text chat, the broadcaster can see part of your IP address, plus any referring URLS you arrived from in the generated Monthly Statistics. If the broadcaster has added features to their 'Homepage' area (usually below the main broadcast/chat area), it's possible your full IP address will be visible through your browser requesting images or other external matter they have embedded there. No specific personally identifiable information is accessible to the Broadcaster.

    This applies to Broadcasters:
  • We request certain information from you when:
    • You submit information to become a Broadcaster
    • You edit your profile as a Broadcaster
    • You add/modify your Homepage as a Broadcaster
    • Any sensitive data such as passwords and email addresses will never be shown or accessible outside of Administration areas of the Site which are kept securely away from the public areas.
    • All data collected and stored other than web site logging data (mentioned above), such as information requested in the above instances is stored on a database on a different server to the user facing Site.
    • All data held on the servers will only be kept for as long as it was originally intended. In the case of user accounts, data will be kept until such a time an account closure is requested or that inactive accounts are closed. In the case of web site logging data, this is routinely cleared out every 180 days. Media Server logs will also be cleared, but data derived from them may be kept indefinitely for the purpose of performance / general usage tracking.