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General Broadcaster FAQs
Is this really completely free?
Yes, wholeheartedly and unreservedly so. We have no plans to charge for the basic service as you see it. We currently support the site with the use of a small amount of advertising within broadcaster's pages and the site itself, but never within streams.

What do I get by being a broadcaster?
You get your own unlimited streaming account on, Plus some nifty stats and your own chatroom. See the user area for more info once you're a broadcaster.

How do I get my stream on the Live Cams page?
You have to have one or more viewers to be listed on the page. At present, that page is updated every minute, so refresh it when you have a viewer and you'll see your stream listed within a minute.

Can I embed my chatroom on my personal website?
No. The chat has been designed from the ground up for use within the Camstreams service and nowhere else.

Is this truely unlimited?
At the moment, yes. We need to get a feel for the usage, having been a 'limit' based site for 7 years. In 2012, we're throwing that out of the window. If we can't keep up with demand, we may return to a 'limit' system temporarily.
Can people tell where I am?
Only if you tell them! As a broadcaster, your privacy is of utmost concern and your IP address and identifyable data is never available to your viewers. If you watch or partake in someone else's stream or chat however, the first part of your IP address will be visible to the broadcaster.

Are there restrictions on what I can broadcast?
Yes and these are clearly outlined within the Code of Conduct and Terms of Use page. This includes keeping your stream clean of adult material, clean of copyrighted material, clean of illegal material, clean of overly political / violent / frightening etc material.

Can I embed the stream on my personal website?
If you are the broadcaster, yes you may, with conditions. See the user area for more details. If you are a viewer, no you may not. We will shortly have technology to stop people ripping our streams off, it's unfortunately necessary as people hotlinking our streams can affect service for all others who play by the rules.

What technology is behind all this?
Camstreams runs Windows Media Services with custom components/scripts built on top. We have several Gigabits of available bandwidth ready to use and a scalable infrastructure to grow even more.
Broadcaster FAQs