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About Camstreams
We are situated in Sheffield, England and have been involved in webcam technology and websites since 1998. We have a portfolio of web properties involved in locating thousands of public webcams and own some rather good domain names too!

Patrick Cornwell is the owner and developer of
"Webcams fascinated me from the moment I read about them in a Sunday newspaper in the summer of 1997. It was an article about JenniCam - a website by a woman called Jennifer Ringley who chose to show her life to the world, warts 'n' all. She had inadvertently created the first 'Reality' show - it was definitely the start of an era.

I spent my student years with the camera turned on me, maintaining a 'Big Brother' style website (way before Big Brother the TV show began!) with 6 live webcams in our student house. My housemates and I were sucked into the media frenzy and were even the subject of a documentary on the BBC for precisely 15 minutes! With Camstreams, I want to give people a chance to get their 15 minutes - I hope you all enjoy using it!"

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